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PSLV launch timeline
Posted: October 14, 2014

T-00:00 PS1 Ignition
The PSLV's solid-fueled first stage motor ignites when the countdown clock reaches zero.
T+00:00.46 Ground-lit Booster Ignition
Four of the PSLV's six strap-on boosters ignite in pairs two-tenths of a second apart at T+plus 0.42 seconds and T+plus 0.62 seconds to push the 146-foot-tall rocket off the pad atop 1.7 million pounds of thrust.
T+00:25 Air-lit Booster Ignition
Two more 39-foot-long strap-on motors ignite at an altitude of more than 8,800 feet to give the PSLV an extra boost.
T+01:10 Ground-lit Booster Separation
The PSLV's four ground-lit boosters burn out and jettison, leaving the first stage and two air-lit boosters to continue firing.
T+01:32 Air-lit Booster Separation
The PSLV's two air-lit boosters burn out and jettison at an altitude of more than 25 miles.
T+01:49 First Stage Separation/Second Stage Ignition
Flying at an altitude of nearly 35 miles, the PSLV's solid-fueled first stage burns out and separates after consuming more than 300,000 pounds of propellant. The PSLV's Vikas second stage engine ignites less than a second later.
T+01:55 Closed-loop Guidance
The PSLV initiates closed-loop guidance.
T+03:19 Payload Fairing Jettison
The 3.2-meter, or 10.5-foot, diameter aluminum payload fairing jettisons once the PSLV flys above the dense lower atmosphere, exposing the IRNSS 1C satellite to space.
T+04:21 Second Stage Separation
The PSLV's Vikas engine shuts down and the second stage separates at the conclusion of its burn at an altitude of 82 miles.
T+04:22 Third Stage Ignition
The PSLV's third stage solid-fueled motor begins a 112-second burn.
T+06:14 Third Stage Burnout
The PSLV's third stage motor burns out, and the rocket begins a coast phase.
T+11:02 Third Stage Separation
The PSLV's third stage separates from the fourth stage.
T+11:12 Fourth Stage Ignition
The PSLV's fourth stage, powered by two hydrazine-fueled engines, ignites to propel the IRNSS 1C spacecraft into geostationary transfer orbit.
T+19:41 Fourth Stage Shutdown
The fourth stage shuts down after achieving an orbit with a perigee of 176 miles, an apogee of 12,831 miles and an inclination of 17.9 degrees.
T+20:18 Spacecraft Separation
The PSLV fourth stage deploys the IRNSS 1C satellite in orbit.

Data source: ISRO