Nimiq 2 launch timeline
Posted: December 28, 2002

Event Time (h:mm:ss)
Ignition sequence start T-0:00:02.5
Stage one ignition to 40% thrust T-0:00:01.6
Begin stage one thrust to 107% T-0:00:00.9
Liftoff T+0:00:00.0
Maximum dynamic pressure T+0:01:05
Stage two ignition T+0:02:00
Stage one/two separation T+0:02:03
Stage two engine shut down T+0:05:26
Stage two/three separation T+0:05:29
Stage three main engine ignition T+0:05:34
Payload fairing jettison T+0:05:40
Stage three main engine shutdown T+0:09:22
Stage three/Breeze M upper stage separation T+0:09:42
Breeze M first burn ignition T+0:11:15
Breeze M first burn shutdown T+0:21:46
Breeze M second burn ignition T+0:59:45
Breeze M second burn shutdown T+1:27:01
Jettison Additional Propellant Tank (APT)
Breeze M third burn ignition T+1:28:37
Breeze M third burn shutdown T+1:33:34
Breeze M fourth burn ignition T+6:35:08
Breeze M fourth burn shutdown T+6:41:48
Breeze M/Nimiq 2 payload separation T+6:53:20

Data source: International Launch Services.

Flight data file
Vehicle: Proton M/Breeze M
Payload: Nimiq 2
Launch date: Dec. 29, 2002
Launch time: 2317 GMT (6:17 p.m. EST)
Launch site: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
Satellite broadcast: Galaxy 4R, Transponder 18, C-band

Pre-launch briefing
Ground track - Map showing the ground track for the launch.

Orbit insertion - Illustration showing the orbits for this mission.

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