Spaceflight Now: Proton launch report


June 16, 2001 -- Follow the countdown and launch of the Proton rocket launching the ASTRA 2C communications satellite. Reload this page for the very latest on the mission.
Flight data file
Vehicle: Proton/Block DM
Payload: ASTRA 2C
Launch date: June 16, 2001
Launch time: 0149 GMT (9:49 p.m. EDT on June 15)
Launch site: LC 81, Pad 23, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan
Satellite broadcast: Telstar 5, Trans. 23, C-band

Pre-launch briefing
Launch timeline - Chart with times and descriptions of events to occur during the launch.

Proton - Description of the Russian-made rocket used in this launch.

ASTRA 2C - Learn more about the Proton's satellite cargo.

Mission poster. Photo: ILS