Spaceflight Now: Pegasus launch report


October 9, 2000 -- Follow the countdown and launch of the Pegasus rocket with NASA's HETE 2 spacecraft. Reload this page for the very latest on the mission.
Flight data file
Vehicle: Hybrid Pegasus
Payload: HETE 2
Launch date: Oct. 9, 2000
Launch time: 0538 GMT (1:38 a.m. EDT)
Staging site: Kwajalein Missile Range

Pre-launch briefing
Mission preview - Our story describing the launch of the HETE 2 satellite.

Launch timeline - Detailed chart of events to occur during the launch.

HETE 2 - Description of NASA satellite to search of gamma ray burst.

Video vault
The High Energy Transient Explorer 2 spacecraft as seen in NASA animation. HETE 2 will seek out gamma ray bursts.
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From the history archives watch a previous Orbital Sciences Pegasus rocket launch, which is dropped from the belly of an L-1011 carrier jet.
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HETE 2 patch. Courtesy of Space Country