GALEX video collection
Updated: May 1, 2003

This collection of video clips follow the launch campign for NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer spacecraft aboard the Orbital Sciences Pegasus XL rocket. The movies are available for our Spaceflight Now Plus service subscribers.

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Launch day coverage
Runway takeoff
The L-1011 carrier aircraft takes off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to launch the Pegasus rocket and GALEX over the Atlantic Ocean. (1min 14sec file)

NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer spacecraft is launched by the Orbital Sciences Pegasus rocket. (12min 00sec file)

A camera on the belly of the L-1011 carrier jet captures this view of the Pegasus rocket trailing smoke and fire moments after first stage ignition. (29sec file)

NASA manager
Post-flight comments from NASA Launch Manager Chuck Dovale from the Mission Directors Center at Cape Canaveral. (1min 19sec file)

Mission preview animation
Pegasus launch
The air-launched Pegasus rocket is dropped from carrier aircraft and soars to space with GALEX in this animation. (1min 10sec file)

GALEX in space
Animation of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer deploying its solar arrays and telescope cover before beginning science operations in orbit. (1min 01sec file)

Pre-launch news conferences
Mission overview
NASA, Orbital Sciences and Air Force officials preview the mission to launch a Pegasus rocket and the GALEX spacecraft. (24min 17sec file)

Science preview
A science overview of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer project is provided in this pre-launch news briefing. (21min 11sec file)

Pre-launch processing highlights
Rocket arrival
The Orbital Sciences Pegasus XL rocket is ferried from its home port at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida for the GALEX mission. (4min 08sec file)

GALEX flow
The Galaxy Evolution Explorer undergoes mission preparation in its clean room facility at Kennedy Space Center, Florida. (3min 14sec file)

Arrays deployed
The power-generating solar arrays on GALEX are deployed at Kennedy Space Center as part of routine pre-launch testing. (59sec file)

Leaving the rocket
After having been attached to the launcher, GALEX is demated from the Pegasus rocket so workers can inspect connectors on the satellite after one such cable was found loose. (2min 45sec file)

Technicans perform boroscope inspections of the GALEX satellite to look for a missing fastener from a connector that wasn't properly installed on the craft. (2min 21sec file)

Mating to Pegasus
With the unplanned work completed, GALEX is remated to the Pegasus rocket for its launch into Earth orbit. (3min 46sec file)

Fairing half
The first half of the Pegasus rocket's payload fairing nose cone is installed around the GALEX spacecraft. (3min 03sec file)

Second half
GALEX is enclosed on the other half of the Pegasus rocket's payload shroud, which will protect the satellite during atmospheric ascent. (2min 38sec file)

Rolling out
Riding on a special transportation trailer, the Pegasus rocket with GALEX packed aboard is rolled underneath the L-1011 and attached to the aircraft. (1min 50sec file)