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KSLV 1 launch timeline
Posted: August 18, 2009

T-00:00 Liftoff
The Korea Space Launch Vehicle 1 lifts off from the new Naro Space Center in Jeolladam-do province in the southwestern part of the country.
T+00:10 Pitch Maneuver
The KSLV 1's RD-191 main engine swivels to guide the 108-foot-tall rocket on a southerly course away from the South Korean coast.
T+00:55 Mach 1
The rocket passes the speed of sound 55 seconds after liftoff.
T+03:35 Fairing Jettison
After flying through the dense lower atmosphere, the KSLV 1 releases the payload shroud shielding the STSAT 2 spacecraft during the early minutes of the launch. At this point, the KSLV has soared to an altitude of 110 miles and is 152 miles south of the launch pad.
T+03:49 MECO
The Russian first stage completes its role in the KSLV 1's maiden launch and the kerosene-fueled RD-191 engine shuts down.
T+03:52 Stage Separation
The first and second stages of the KSLV 1 rocket separate about 200 miles downrange from the launch site. The second stage and STSAT 2 begin a 2 minute, 43 second ballistic phase during which the rocket will coast from an altitude of 122 miles to the injection point about 190 miles high.
T+06:35 2nd Stage Ignition
The solid-fueled second stage, developed in South Korea, ignites for a 58-second burn to accelerate the rocket to orbital velocity.
T+07:33 2nd Stage Cutoff
The KSLV 1 rocket's second stage finishes its firing and reaches orbit. Computers are targeting an orbit with a high point of 1,500 kilometers, or 932 miles, and a high point of about 300 kilometers, or 186 miles.
T+09:00 STSAT 2 Separation
The 219-pound STSAT 2 payload is deployed from the KSLV 1's second stage, completing South Korea's first orbital space launch.

Data source: KARI