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Phoenix landing preview

Less than two weeks before the Phoenix spacecraft arrives at Mars, this previews the landing and the planned science on the planet's surface.

 Presentation | Q&A

STS-82: In review

The second servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope was accomplished in Feb. 1997 when the shuttle astronauts replaced a pair of instruments and other internal equipment on the observatory.


STS-81: In review

The fifth shuttle docking mission to the space station Mir launched astronaut Jerry Linenger to begin his long-duration stay on the complex and brought John Blaha back to Earth.


Discovery rolls out

Discovery travels from the Vehicle Assembly Building to pad 39A in preparation for the STS-124 mission.


STS-124: The programs

In advance of shuttle Discovery's STS-124 mission to the station, managers from both programs discuss the flight.


STS-124: The mission

A detailed preview of Discovery's mission to deliver Japan's science laboratory Kibo to the station is provided in this briefing.

 Part 1 | Part 2

STS-124: Spacewalks

Three spacewalks are planned during Discovery's STS-124 assembly mission to the station.


STS-124: The Crew

The Discovery astronauts, led by commander Mark Kelly, meet the press in the traditional pre-flight news conference.


Discovery to VAB

For its STS-124 mission, shuttle Discovery was transferred from its hangar to the Vehicle Assembly Building for attachment to a fuel tank and twin solid rocket boosters.

 Transfer | Hoist

Complex 40 toppling

The Complex 40 mobile service tower at Cape Canaveral's former Titan rocket launch pad was toppled using explosives on April 27.


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Cargo ship begins flight to the space station

Posted: May 14, 2008

A Russian freighter packed with fresh supplies for the international space station successfully rocketed away from Earth today and immediately began plotting a two-day trek to the orbiting outpost.

The Progress M-64 spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 4:22 p.m. EDT (2022 GMT) atop a three-stage Soyuz booster.

The 24-foot long ship, known in the station's assembly matrix as Progress mission 29P, reached its preliminary orbit nine minutes after liftoff and separated from the launcher's spent upper stage.

The Progress M-64 is seen here during preparations for its launch. Credit: Energia
Onboard commands extended the Progress craft's two power-generating solar arrays that span 35 feet and unfurled communications and navigation antennas.

A series of precise engine firings over the next two days will guide the Progress into the station's orbit for an automated docking around 5:36 p.m. EDT (2136 GMT) Friday. It will link up with the Earth-facing port on the Zarya control module.

The cargo craft is loaded with 4,657 pounds of supplies. The "dry" cargo amounts to 2,850 pounds in the form of spare parts, life support gear and equipment hardware.

The refueling module carries 772 pounds of propellant for transfer into the Russian segment of the complex to feed the station's maneuvering thrusters.

To replenish the station's oxygen supply, the Progress is bringing 63 pounds of oxygen and 46 pounds of air. And the vessel has 926 pounds of water.

The space station is occupied by the Expedition 17 crew of commander Sergei Volkov, flight engineer Oleg Kononenko and NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman. Volkov will be standing by Friday to manually dock the Progress if the automated system experiences a problem.

The following timeline shows the key events scheduled from launch until docking for the Progress freighter:

Day 1 events - Wednesday

Event Mission Time Eastern Time
LAUNCH 0/00:00:00 4:22:54 p.m.
Orbit Insertion 0/00:08:45 4:31:39 p.m.
Maneuver DV1
(18.67 m/s)
0/03:34:59 7:57:53 p.m.
Maneuver DV2
(26.12 m/s)
0/04:16:38 8:39:32 p.m.

Day 2 events -Thursday

Event Mission Time Eastern Time
Maneuver DV3
(2.00 m/s)
1/00:42:49 5:05:43 p.m.

Day 3 events - Friday

Event Mission Time Eastern Time
Start Automated
1/22:54:51 3:17:45 p.m.
Station maneuver
to docking attitude
1/22:57:06 3:20:00 p.m.
DV4 / Impulse 1
(10.15 m/s)
1/23:16:42 3:39:36 p.m.
Impulse 2
(1.22 m/s)
1/23:39:57 4:02:51 p.m.
Progress Kurs-A
1/23:41:06 4:04:00 p.m.
Zvezda Kurs-P
1/23:43:06 4:06:00 p.m.
DV5 / Impulse 3
(9.84 m/s)
2/00:01:03 4:23:57 p.m.
Kurs-A and Kurs-P
short test
(15 km)
2/00:26:51 4:49:45 p.m.
VHF-2 activation
Range 9 km
2/00:32:31 4:55:25 p.m.
Progress TV
Range 8 km
2/00:33:51 4:56:45 p.m.
Impulse 4
(6.99 m/s)
2/00:41:46 5:04:40 p.m.
Ballistic Targeting
2/00:44:51 5:07:45 p.m.
Impulse 5
(5.18 m/s)
2/00:46:44 5:09:38 p.m.
Impulse 6
(2.22 m/s)
2/00:49:12 5:12:06 p.m.
Start flyaround
2/00:51:09 5:14:03 p.m.
Start stationkeeping 2/01:00:09 5:23:03 p.m.
Start final approach 2/01:04:36 5:27:30 p.m.
Orbital sunset 2/01:12:31 5:35:25 p.m.
DOCKING 2/01:13:36 5:36:30 p.m.

Data source: NASA.