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Day 15 highlights

Video highlights from Discovery's final full day in space for STS-120.


Day 14 highlights

Flight Day 14 was undocking day as Discovery depated the station to begin the journey toward home.


Day 13 highlights

The shuttle Discovery astronauts say goodbye to their space station crewmates on Flight Day 13 of the STS-120 mission.


Day 12 highlights

Spacewalking astronauts come to the rescue and repair the station's damaged solar array. Highlights are packed in the Flight Day 12 movie.


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Astronauts prep docking port for move
Posted: November 9, 2007

Space station commander Peggy Whitson and Yuri Malenchenko, midway through a planned six-and-a-half-hour spacewalk, have completed work to prepare the lab's shuttle docking port for a move Monday from the front of the station to the new Harmony module.

With Dan Tani providing guidance from inside the space station, Whitson and Malenchenko disconnected cables that feed solar array power to docked space shuttles, removed a floodlight and unplugged and tied off electrical cables between the docking port and the Destiny lab module. If all goes well, Tani, operating the station's robot arm, will detach pressurized mating adapter No. 2 Monday so it can be bolted to the newly arrived Harmony. Two days later, the Harmony/PMA-2 stack will be moved to the front of Destiny and bolted in place.

Whitson currently is wrapping up work to connect electrical cables to a robot arm mounting fixture on Harmony while Malenchenko replaces a faulty circuit breaker. Other tasks remaining are removal of a protective cover over the Harmony port where PMA-2 will be attached; electrical cable reconfigurations and retrieval of a communications system component that will be returned to Earth later.

The spacewalk has proceeded smoothly, with no problems of any significance other than a few balky connectors that took a bit more force than expected to unplug. Pausing at one point, Whitson marveled: "I can't help but notice every once in a while this incredible view we've got going on out here."