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Mars rover cake
NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe is presented with a commemorative birthday cake marking the one-year anniversary of the Mars rover Spirit's landing. (1min 21sec file)
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Rover news briefing
On the one-year anniversary of Spirit's landing on Mars, mission officials hold a status news conference on the twin exploration rovers to discuss the latest findings and future plans for the craft. (31min 20sec file)
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NASA chief speech
During celebrations marking the Mars rover milestone on Jan. 3, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe gave this speech at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (10min 20sec file)
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The Mars rover story
Storyteller Syd Lieberman presents "Twelve Wheels on Mars" that describes the adventure to build, launch and explore with the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. (54min 57sec file)
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Delta 4-Heavy launch
The Boeing Delta 4-Heavy rocket is launched from Cape Canaveral on its demonstration flight. (4min 35sec file)
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Onboard the Heavy
An onboard camera records the launch of Boeing's Delta 4-Heavy rocket from liftoff through separation of the outer boosters. (4min 40sec file)
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Space station's oxygen generator back in action
Posted: January 6, 2005

The space station's Elektron oxygen generator is back in operation this morning after troubleshooting by the lab's two-man crew. The Elektron was re-activated at 7:13 a.m. EST (1213 GMT), according to NASA officials.

The unit shut down New Year's Day because of air bubbles in the lines. Initial attempts by Expedition 10 commander Leroy Chiao and flight engineer Salizhan Sharipov to make repairs were unsuccessful.

But Russian engineers, acting on the assumption the Elektron's liquid unit, known as No. 5, had run low on its supply of electrolytes, told the crew to hook up a backup liquid unit, No. 7, and to infuse fresh electrolytes into No. 5.

The procedure appeared to work and the Elektron was re-activated without incident, easing concerns about an eventual shortage. Without the Elektron, the crew had a 57-day supply of oxygen from tanks aboard a Progress supply ship and from so-called "candles" that produce oxygen as a by-product of combustion.

Russian engineers will carefully monitor the Elektron's performance to confirm it is, in fact, back in proper operation.