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Genesis to Houston
The solar wind samples retrieved by NASA's Genesis spacecraft finally arrive at Johnson Space Center facilities from the Utah landing site. (2min 51sec file)
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ISS talk with students
The International Space Station crew holds an educational event to answers questions live with students at the Maryland Science Center. (24min 01sec file)
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Genesis samples go to JSC
Posted: October 6, 2004

Scientists are optimistic that samples of the Sun that arrived in Houston on Monday will provide important information on the history and origin of the solar system.

Following an extensive recovery effort since its Sept. 8 impact at a Utah landing site, the first scientific samples from the Genesis space probe arrived at NASA's Johnson Space Center late on Monday, Oct. 4.

The quantity of material recovered from Genesis will be determined by further study at JSC. The samples are the first extraterrestrial matter returned by a U.S. spacecraft since 1972, when the last moon rocks were carried back to Earth by Apollo astronauts.

Over the coming days, the samples, numbered and packaged in separate carrying cases, will be moved to the Genesis clean room where they will be preserved and protected. Samples will be distributed to scientists to study over the coming months and years, beginning with members of the Genesis Science Team.

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