The first Spot 5 image
Posted: May 8, 2002

Spot 5
The city of Eleusis and its harbour. Copyright Cnes 2002
The first images taken by the High Resolution Geometric (HRG) instruments aboard the CNES Spot 5 satellite were obtained on Tuesday, May 7. Initial analysis shows that the quality of the data matches the expected technical specifications.

The first images received in Toulouse Tuesday at 09:27 GMT (11:27 French local time) were obtained in black and white over the city of Athens in Greece. Using the new processing facilities installed at Spot Image, a 2.5 m resolution image was produced using two 5 m resolution images sampled according to the Supermode technique.

In-orbit commissioning of the new satellite is proceeding as planned. The other instruments of the payload, High Resolution Stereoscopic (HRS) and Vegetation, have also been switched on and are working perfectly. Imaging using the three instruments is continuing, and more images will be made available during the coming days. The DORIS orbit determination system is operating with an excellent precision.

An important step has also been accomplished: the first orbital adjustment to bring Spot 5 towards its final orbit at an altitude of 832 km. The remaining maneuvres will take place next week.

The Spot 5 satellite has been developed by CNES in cooperation with Belgium and Sweden, with Astrium as prime contractor. Alcatel Space has contributed numerous equipment systems and is the prime contractor for the Vegetation instrument. Spot Image distributes Spot products throughout the world.