Boeing picked to operate Spaceway satellite system
Posted: November 18, 2001

An artist's concept of Spaceway satellite in orbit. Photo: BSS
Hughes Network Systems (HNS) announces that it has entered into an agreement with Boeing Satellite Systems (BSS) for the operation and control of its Spaceway satellites. This long-term operating agreement will provide station keeping to the Spaceway satellites in orbit from a Boeing Space and Communications Services Operations Control Center (OCC) in Houston, TX.

Two Spaceway teleport locations will be situated near Denver, Colorado and near Los Angeles, California. Boeing Space and Communications Services' role in the operation of the satellites will be to keep the satellites on station using a combination of computer automation and manual monitoring via land- based Spaceway teleports and the Operations Control Center.

The Spaceway Ka-band satellite platform will be used in a unique new broadband satellite network to provide high-bandwidth and high-speed communications for broadband and multimedia applications to North America in 2003. The satellites will provide bandwidth-on-demand and will operate exclusively in the Ka-band spectrum.

"HNS is delighted to have extended its business relationship with Boeing from satellite manufacturing to include station keeping and control of the Spaceway satellites. This key agreement is an important milestone in the implementation of the most exciting broadband satellite system the world has ever seen," said Mike Cook, vice president and general manager of Spaceway.

"Boeing Satellite Systems is pleased to team with Boeing Space and Communications Services to meet HNS additional needs for Spaceway," said Darrell Huntley, Executive Director, Spaceway programs at Boeing Satellite Systems. "We're designing this next-generation broadband satellite system to provide capacity equivalent to six in-orbit satellites today. In addition, Sea Launch, another part of the Boeing family, will launch the North American Spaceway satellites into orbit. So when you add Boeing Space and Communications Services, it really demonstrates Boeing's unparalleled ability to provide end-to-end service to the satellite industry."

Boeing Space and Communications is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial communications satellites, and is also a major provider of space systems, satellites, and payloads for national defense, science and environmental applications. The Boeing Company is the largest aerospace company in the world and the United States' leading exporter. It is NASA's largest contractor and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft. The company's capabilities in aerospace also include rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, rocket engines, launch vehicles, satellites, and advanced information and communication systems. The company has an extensive global reach with customers in 145 countries.

Hughes Network Systems, a unit of Hughes Electronics Corporation, is the world's largest provider of broadband satellite network solutions for businesses and consumers, with over 400,000 systems installed in more than 85 countries. HNS pioneered the development of high-speed satellite Internetaccess services, which it markets globally under the DirecPC® and DIRECWAY brands, and is a major supplier of mobile satellite networks and user terminals. For terrestrial access, it offers the comprehensive AIReach® family of broadband wireless, point-to-multipoint products. In addition, HNS is a leading manufacturer of DIRECTV satellite television receivers, having shipped its 7 millionth system by mid 2001. Headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, USA, HNS maintains sales and support offices worldwide. The earnings of HUGHES, a unit of General Motors Corporation, are used to calculate the earnings per share attributable to the General Motors Class H common stock.