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MOM orbit insertion timeline
Posted: September 23, 2014

Editor's Note: All times are Earth Receive Time, when signals arrive on the ground. Times are listed in GMT. Subtract 4 hours for Eastern Daylight Time.

MOI Sept. 23/24, 2014
2300 GMT....Switch to medium gain antenna.

0139 GMT....Start forward rotation.

0154 GMT....Eclipse begins. The MOM spacecraft passes over the night side of Mars.

0157 GMT....Attitude control with thrusters.

0200 GMT....Mars orbit insertion liquid engine burn begins to slow down MOM by 1,098.7 meters per second (2,457.7 mph), enough for Martian gravity to capture the spacecraft in orbit.

0204 GMT....Mars occultation starts.

0205 GMT....Telemetry off.

0219 GMT....Eclipse ends. MOM passes back into sunlight.

0224 GMT....Mars orbit insertion liquid engine burn ends.

0225 GMT....Reverse maneuver starts.

0227 GMT....Mars occultation ends.

0230 GMT....Telemetry resumes. A Doppler measurement will provide the first information about the total burn performance.

0235 GMT....Reverse maneuver ends.

Data source: ISRO