Spirit rover reveals Bonneville Crater in color
Posted: March 15, 2004

The Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has returned a stunning panorama from the rim of Bonneville Crater.

Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
Download a full image here

This 180-degree, false-color mosaic of images were taken March 12 during Spirit's 68th workday on Mars.

In addition to the crater's interior and surrounding terrain, the heat shield that protected Spirit during the fiery descent through the Martian atmosphere is seen sitting on the opposite side of the crater. The shield was jettisoned from the craft shortly before touchdown.

Spirit continues to analyze the Bonneville area, using its suite of science devices to examine the composition of rock and soil samples.

During the workday that ends early Tuesday (U.S. time), Spirit was scheduled to complete its observations in one location and drive 15 meters (49.2 feet) along the crater rim to a location dubbed "Serpent Dune" for further science work.

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