PHOTOS: Dragon grappled at space station

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is tweeting daily from the International Space Station, and he posted several photos of the Dragon spacecraft's arrival Sunday on Twitter.

You can follow Chris Hadfield on Twitter to see his photos and read his updates.

See our Mission Status Center for the latest news on the launch.

Photo credit: Chris Hadfield/CSA

"Dragon comes into view - first sight this morning, sneaking up on us from behind the Progress solar array."

"A Dragon approaches over sub-Saharan Africa - surreal juxtaposition."

"The Dragon spaceship high over Mount Etna - both spitting fire."

"Like a Praying Mantis, Canadarm2 poised to reach out and grab Dragon."

"Happy crewmember - Dragon securely snared by Canadarm2, ready to be lifted around, hooked into place, and opened up."

"Success! Canadarm2 holds Dragon by the nose, to drag it up and hook it on to a Station hatch."

"Tonight's Finale: A Dragon, snared and tamed by Canadarm2. Saint George ringing in a new era in the silence of space."
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