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Launch weather forecast
Posted: July 5, 2007

 Forecast for Sunday, July 8

Issued: Thursday, July 5
Launch Weather Team: 45th Weather Squadron

Synoptic Discussion: "Widespread afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms are expected through the weekend. Deep tropical moisture, the daily onset of the afternoon sea breeze, and favorable steering wind pattern will concentrate all activity on the eastern half of the Florida Peninsula. Conditions begin to improve early next week as the overall pattern changes.

"During the countdown, launch vehicle exposure constraints will be a concern as thunderstorm related precipitation and winds could exceed constraint limits.

"Main concerns during the launch window will be thunderstorms and associated clouds within 10 nautical miles of the launch vehicle flight path."

Clouds: Cumulus scattered at 3,000 feet and tops at 15,000 feet; Cirrostratus broken at 28,000 feet and tops at 30,000 feet

Visibility: 10 miles

Launch Pad Winds: Southeasterly from 140 degrees at 10 gusting to 15 knots

Temperature: 86 to 88 degrees F

Relative Humidity: 60 percent

Weather: Thunderstorms in the vicinity

Probability of Violating Weather Constraints: 60 percent

Concerns: Anvil Cloud Rule, Debris Cloud Rule, Cumulus Cloud Rule


 24-hour Delay Forecast

Monday's Probability of Violating Constraints: 40 percent

Concerns: Anvil Cloud Rule, Debris Cloud Rule, Cumulus Cloud Rule


 Times of note

Sunday's launch window: 4:04 to 4:33 p.m. EDT
Monday's launch window: 3:56 to 4:25 p.m. EDT