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Gravity Probe-B flies
The Boeing Delta 2 rocket launches with NASA's Gravity Probe-B spacecraft from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. (4min 16sec file)
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Umbilicals connecting the Delta rocket to the launch pad yank away as the vehicle lifts off. (175sec file)
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Tower view
Liftoff as seen from a camera mounted on the mobile service tower next to the Delta 2 rocket. (26sec file)
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Back side
A camera positioned on the back side of the Space Launch Complex-2 West provides this angle of liftoff. (19sec file)
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The Gravity Probe-B spacecraft is successfully deployed from the Delta rocket as seen by an onboard video camera. (2min 20sec file)
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Post-launch chat
An interview with NASA launch manager Chuck Dovale following the successful deployment of Gravity Probe-B. (2min 20sec file)
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Launch photo gallery
Posted: April 20, 2004

The Boeing Delta 2 rocket is fueled up during the countdown on April 19. But this first launch attempt ended in a cliffhanger three minutes before liftoff time when officials ruled there wasn't sufficient time to ensure the correct high-altitude wind data had been loaded into the rocket's guidance computer. Liftoff was scrubbed 24 hours. Credit: William G. Hartenstein