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Long March 2F launch timeline
Posted: June 16, 2012

T-00:00 Liftoff
The Long March 2F rocket's first stage and four liquid-fueled boosters propel the 191-foot-tall vehicle off the launch pad at the Jiuquan satellite launching center.
T+02:00 Jettison Escape Tower
The launch abort system, which would be used by the crew to escape the Long March rocket in the event of a mishap, is jettisoned after it is no longer needed.
T+02:35 Jettison Strap-on Boosters
Moments after the boosters drain their propellant, the rockets are jettisoned from the Long March 2F first stage.
T+02:39 First Stage Separation
The Long March 2F first stage separates about four seconds after the strap-on boosters are jettisoned. The second stage ignites moments later.
T+03:30 Fairing Separation
The aerodynamic shroud covering the Shenzhou 9 spacecraft is released once the Long March rocket flies out of the lower atmosphere.
T+09:45 Shenzhou 9 Deployment
The Shenzhou 9 spacecraft separates from the second stage of the Long March 2F rocket. The launch is targeting an orbit with a high point of 205 miles, a low point of 124 miles, and an inclination of 42.8 degrees.

Data source: CCTV/Spaceflight Now