Spaceflight Now: Atlas launch report
Virtual Reality: LC-36 Blockhouse

Posted: June 26, 2000

Step inside the historic Complex 36 Blockhouse where the 120 members of the launch team control every countdown and liftoff of Atlas rockets from Cape Canaveral. This nerve-center is located less than 1,400 feet away from pad 36A where the Atlas 2A will be launched. The Blockhouse walls vary in thickness from 8 to 15 feet of sand and concrete. Spaceflight Now's captured the scene from the upper level of the Blockhouse in May before the first Atlas 3 launch with a virtual reality camera. Click onto the picture, hold your mouse button and move the arrow to see the full 360-degree panorama (286k QuickTime VR file).

Spaceflight Now uses QuickTime technology to create virtual reality scenes. QuickTime version 4 is required. For more information about QuickTime visit the Apple web site or click the button below to download the free software for Windows PCs or Macs.
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