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Introduction to ATV

Preview the maiden voyage of European's first Automated Transfer Vehicle, named Jules Verne. The craft will deliver cargo to the International Space Station.

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Launching on the shuttle

Video cameras on the boosters and tank, plus a cockpit camera show what the shuttle and its astronauts experience during the trek to space.

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STS-120: In review

The STS-120 crew narrates highlights from its mission that delivered the station's Harmony module and moved the P6 power truss.

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Ariane 5 rocket on the launch pad

The Ariane 5 rocket to launch the Jules Verne resupply ship to the space station stands poised on its jungle pad at the Guiana Space Center following rollout from the assembly building on Friday afternoon.

Photo credit: Stephane Corvaja/ESA

Credit: Stephane Corvaja/ESA