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Antares launch timeline
Posted: January 5, 2014

T-00:00 Main Engine Ignition
The Antares rocket's two AJ26 engines ignite on the launch pad.
T+00:02.1 Liftoff
Producing about 730,000 pounds of thrust, the rocket's two main engines propel the 131-foot-tall Antares rocket into the sky.
T+03:54.4 First Stage Shutdown
After consuming its supply of kerosene and liquid oxygen propellants, the Antares first stage shuts down at an altitude of about 64 miles.
T+03:59.4 First Stage Separation
The first stage separates from the second stage, which begins a 103-second coast phase.
T+0:5:37.2 Fairing separation
After flying out of the dense lower atmosphere, the Antares rocket jettisons its clamshell-like 12.8-foot-diameter payload fairing.
T+0:5:42.2 Interstage jettison
The interstage adaptor connecting the first and second stages is jettisoned.
T+05:46.2 Second Stage Ignition
The rocket's solid-fueled Castor 30B second stage ignites at an altitude of 111 miles, ramping up to nearly 90,000 pounds of thrust during a 128-second burn.
T+07:54.4 Second Stage Shutdown
The Castor 30B second stage burns out after reaching a target orbit with a perigee of 130 miles, an apogee of 185 miles, and an inclination of 51.64 degrees.
T+09:54.4 Payload separation
The second stage deploys the Cygnus spacecraft.

Data source: Orbital Sciences Corp.