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Oct. 18-24: Expedition 9 crew returns to Earth; Astronomers discover planet building is big mess; Cassini yields new knowledge of Saturn's rings; Problem with Spirit rover's steering reappears; Space shuttle movers get new shoes.

Oct. 11-17: Expedition 10 crew launches aboard Soyuz; Glitch prompts manual docking to station; Legendary spacecraft designer Faget dies; NASA begins rehearsals for next space shuttle mission; Russian Proton rocket lofts U.S. broadcasting satellite; Genesis investigators report progress.

Oct. 4-10: SpaceShipOne soars to capture $10 million X Prize; Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper gone at age 77; Mars rovers probing more water history at two sites; What is it? Mystery object discovered by astronomers; Unraveling a 400-year-old supernova mystery; Wiring short caused Sea Launch engine shutdown.

Sept. 27-Oct. 3: SpaceShipOne takes wild suborbital flight for X Prize; Jeanne 'kindler, gentler' to KSC than Frances; Mars orbiter sees rover, lander and even tracks; Genesis samples 'looking very, very good'; Giant 'pinhole camera' for exoplanet studies.

Sept. 20-26: Cape prays as Jeanne hits Florida; Mars rovers renewed; Genesis team ships first recovered sample; India launches educational satellite using GSLV rocket; NASA picks contractor for first Prometheus mission.

Sept. 13-19: Cape continues hurricane recovery, damage checks; Galactic contortionists captured in amazing image; Cassini orbiter snaps Saturn's family portrait; Radical Antarctic telescope 'would outdo Hubble'.

Sept. 6-12: Genesis space capsule crashes back to Earth; Cape battered by Hurricane Frances; Cassini discovers ring and one, maybe two, objects; Mars may have had large sea near rover landing site.

Aug. 30-Sept. 5: Atlas 2 rocket retires with remarkable record; Scientists discover a new class of extrasolar planets; Brightest supernova in a decade captured by Hubble; Space station residents complete spacewalk.

Aug. 23-29: History-making Titan 4 rocket put on the pad; South polar storms on Saturn spotted by Cassini; Boeing's Delta 4-Heavy rocket is revealed; Tiny 'David' telescope finds 'Goliath' planet.

Aug. 16-22: Out from the shadows: Two new Saturnian moons; Latest color pictures from Cassini look like artwork; Bedrock in Mars' Gusev Crater hints at watery past; How old is the Milky Way?; Disk shows signs of planets; Final engine test-fired for shuttle return to flight.

Aug. 9-15: Jupiter's moon Ganymede has a lumpy interior; Giant vortices found near Earth by Cluster satellites; Spitzer shows dying star that goes out with a ring; International Space Station receives resupply ship; Chandra catches early phase of cosmic assembly.

Aug. 2-8: MESSENGER leaves Earth on voyage to orbit Mercury; Controllers working to fix Mars rover problems; Cassini discoveries shed light on Saturn and Titan; Science instrument on Hubble shuts down; Hubble images majestic cousin of the Milky Way; Gamma-ray burst was new type of cosmic explosion; Proton deploys Amazonas.

July 26-Aug. 1: Challenger crew honored with Space Medal of Honor; NASA approves new design for shuttle tank bipod; X Prize competitors announce flight plans; Titan's purple covering points to a fuzzy past; NASA looks to new astronomy mission ideas; China launches second Double Star satellite.

July 19-25: Spitzer pinpoints elusive but violent starbursts; Doughnut-shaped cloud has 'black hole' filling; Cassini shows the dark side of Saturn's moon Dione; Stunning true-color picture of Saturn's rings; Gas between galaxies helps case for dark energy.

July 12-18: Aura launched to probe atmosphere's chemistry; Panel says keep options open for Hubble repair; Cassini exposes Saturn's two-face moon Iapetus; Mars rovers roll into martian winter; Ariane 5 lofts broadband communications satellite.

July 5-11: Ultraviolet pictures hint at origin of Saturn's rings; Glimpse at early universe reveals surprise; New view of Orion Nebula's stellar nursery; Space probes track blast wave through solar system; How to fail at being a star.

June 28-July 4: Cassini arrives at Saturn; First pictures from Saturn orbit show rich ring detail; Cassini close ups of Titan thrill, mystify scientists; Hubble studies generations of star formation; Sea Launch rocket fails to put satellite in correct orbit.

June 21-27: SpaceShipOne rockets into history; Phoebe moon likely born in outer solar system; Delta rocket successfully launches one for The Gipper; Suit problem ends station spacewalk; Mars scientists marvel at mysterious rock formation; Camera to shoot first direct images of exoplanets.

June 14-20: Stardust reveals surprising anatomy of a comet; Cassini maneuver sets stage for Saturn arrival; Phoebe's surface gives scientists clues to its origin; Sweeping changes needed for moon-Mars initiative; Spirit, showing signs of old age, reaches Columbia hills; Spitzer telescope reveals what Edwin Hubble missed.

June 7-13: Cassini preview: 'Flagship mission of our time' nears its destination; Cassini makes close observations of Phoebe; Mars rover Opportunity enters stadium-sized crater; Space shuttle solid rocket motor test fired; Faintest survey of distant galaxies taken by Hubble.

May 31-June 6: Rutan announces manned spaceflight plans; Mars rover Opportunity will drive into Endurance Crater; Great Observatories find black holes, hidden objects; Proof found for gamma-ray burst in Milky Way; Looking to catch stars in the act as planets form; Boeing to study Neptune missions for NASA.

May 24-30: Raw ingredients for life found around young stars; Cassini spacecraft executes crucial rocket firing; Supply ship safely arrives at space station; Suit problems alter station crew's spacewalk plans; Mars lander Beagle 2 was too risky, inquiry concludes; Proposed nuclear-powered Jupiter mission defined; Moon tells of unexpected Earth climate changes.

May 17-23: Next-to-last Atlas 2AS rocket lofts TV satellite; Taurus XL rocket launches Taiwan's new orbiting eye; Mars rover inspects stone ejected from crater; First shuttle Columbia debris loaned for research; Asteroid with the smallest orbit discovered; Theory proposes new view of Sun and Earth's creation; Cassini peers closer at Titan.

May 10-16: The Eventual Eleven: Meet the astronaut class of '04; Dying star sculpts rungs of gas and dust; New launch added to this year's Atlas 5 schedule; Boeing manager charged in trade secrets case; 'Smoking gun' evidence of giant meteor collision; Theory clues may be visible in Big Bang aftermath.

May 3-9: Opportunity rover poised on rim of 'spectacular' crater; Study may cast doubt on '96 report of past Mars life; Two extremely hot exoplanets caught in transit; New satellite for DirecTV users launched from sea.

April 26-May 2: Soyuz capsule brings Expedition 8 crew back to Earth; All future shuttle missions geared to space station; Rocket options examined for moon-Mars initiative; Astronaut Hall of Fame inducts 2004 class; Hubble telescope shows demise in ice and fire; Mars Express radar deployment postponed.

April 19-25: Soyuz delivers Expedition 9 residents to space station; NASA mulls new problem with station gyroscopes; Spacecraft launched to test Albert Einstein's theories; Intermediate mass black hole mystery resolved; Researcher predicts Jupiter spots will disappear.

April 12-18: Hubble observes planetoid Sedna as mystery deepens; Invisible giants exposed in new Spitzer image; Japanese Superbird soars to space atop Atlas launcher; Cassini spots Saturn moons; Mars rover finds rock like meteorites on Earth; SOHO sees its 750th comet.

April 5-11: Mars rovers have missions extended through Sept.; Successful X-43A mission proves scramjets work; Saturn moon casts 'once-in-a-lifetime' shadow; Cassini watches as two storms merge on Saturn; Stars appear as grains of sand in nearby galaxy.

March 29-April 4: Spirit finds hints of past water at Gusev site; Probe confirms methane in the Martian atmosphere; Cassini examines high winds on Saturn; Radio astronomers lift 'fog' on Milky Way's dark heart; Hunt for extrasolar Earth-like planets intensifies.

March 22-28: Rover finds evidence of ancient sea on Mars; Opportunity rover bids farewell to crater home; Scramjet experiment soars off California coast; New phase of exploration beginning for Mars rovers; 10-week launch delay adds 2 years to Mercury journey for MESSENGER; White dwarf explodes inside circumstellar disk.

March 15-21: Most distant object in Solar System discovered; Mineral in Mars 'berries' adds to water story; Newest GPS spacecraft successfully soars into orbit; New imagery of comet released from Stardust; Satellite solves 30-year gamma-ray mystery; W3A communications satellite put into orbit by Proton.

March 8-14: Hubble's deepest view ever unveils earliest galaxies; Rovers watch solar eclipses by Martian moons; The great 'bunny' chase at Mars rover landing site; Atlas launches mobile communications satellite for Asia; Clumps in Saturn's rings; Gehman's initial review of Hubble mission released.

March 1-7: Rover confirms past liquid water on Mars; Rosetta soars on ambitious comet intercept mission; Hubble picture of space phenomenon imitates art; Enigmatic X-rays may point to new class of black holes.

Feb. 23-29: Rover shows sunset on Mars; Cassini captures stunning view of Saturn; Nearest, youngest star with planet nursery found; Two simultaneous 'naked-eye' comets expected; Suit problem forces early end to station spacewalk; Scientists watch neutron star explosion in real time.

Feb. 16-22: Next shuttle flight delayed as rescue scenario formed; Shuttle tank modifications more complex than expected; Planetoid found in Kuiper Belt, maybe the biggest yet; Prime mission half over, Spirit looks for bonus time; Farthest known galaxy in the Universe discovered; Was Einstein right about dark energy after all?

Feb. 9-15: Beagle failure investigation formally begins; Orbiter sees Opportunity rover on the Martian surface; Titan 4B rocket launches U.S. military satellite; Spitzer Space Telescope sends cosmic Valentine rose.

Feb. 2-8: Oxygen, carbon discovered in exoplanet atmosphere; Spirit grinds hole in rock; Martian hills dedicated to fallen Columbia crew; American TV watchers to reap benefits of Atlas launch; Supernova blast bonanza in nearby galaxy; New study shows how black holes get their 'kicks'.

Jan. 26-Feb. 1: Opportunity achieves 'interplanetary hole in one'; Opportunity finds what it went to Mars looking for; Martian landmarks dedicated to Apollo 1 crew; Challenger crew memorialized on Mars; Russians launch resupply ship to space station; Fitful young star sputters to maturity in Rosette Nebula.

Jan. 18-25: Opportunity rover safely arrives at Mars; Opportunity hits scientific jackpot in strange martian world; Spirit suffers 'serious anomaly'; First scientific results from Europe's Mars Express; Building a new West Coast era for Atlas rockets.

Jan. 12-18: President Bush reveals new space initiative; Six-wheeling on Mars: Spirit drives off lander; Spirit's robot arm extended for detailed study of soil; NASA cancels final Hubble telescope servicing mission; Europe's comet orbiter and lander set for rescheduled voyage; Scientists find 'spitting star' imitates black hole.

Jan. 5-11: Continuing coverage of Spirit rover; Columbia crew memorialized on Mars; Chandra locates planetary ore in colliding galaxies; Hubble tells tale of record-breaking galaxy clusters; Suns of all ages possess comets, maybe planets; Sea Launch Zenit makes first 2004 rocket launch.


Dec. 29-Jan. 4: NASA's Spirit Rover successfully lands on Mars; Stardust intercepts comet to gather samples and scientists are elated with flyby results; China launches joint European science satellite; Proton launches Russian communications satellite.

Dec. 22-28: European invasion at Mars: Mars Express successfully enters orbit, but no one hears Beagle's bark; Israeli satellite rides Russian Soyuz into space; First Mercury orbiter shipped for prelaunch tests.

Dec. 15-21: Atlas rocket launches on Centennial of Flight; First images unveiled from SIRTF -- renamed the Spitzer Space Telescope; Boeing Delta 2 rocket soars with GPS satellite; Beagle 2 released to hunt for life on Martian surface.

Dec. 8-14: Spaceflight Now interviews station's resident crew; Japan's star-crossed Mars mission ends in failure; Boeing's big Delta 4 booster journeys to the launch pad; Why astrobiologists look to Saturn's moon Titan; Details of Saturn become visible to Cassini spacecraft; A giant cocoon discovered around massive young star; GALEX observatory captures galaxies galore.

Dec. 1-7: Atlas rocket successfully soars on secret mission; Atlas launch pad at Vandenberg getting extensive facelift; Mars Express snaps its first view of Red Planet; NASA scientists use radar to detect asteroid force; NASA cites progress in earthquake research.

Nov. 24-30: Japanese launch of spy satellites fails; Cheap method developed for solar system hunt; NASA successfully tests futuristic ion engine; Radiation monitoring device fails on Mars spacecraft.

Nov. 17-23: O'Keefe: time is right for new space vision; Shuttle Enterprise arrives at Smithsonian museum; Launch of Einstein's space experiment postponed; Feature story on Heavy-lifting version of Delta 4; Ulysses gives first 3-D observations of sun storms.

Nov. 10-16: Images give new insight into Mars' ancient rivers; Nascent star is forming Jupiter-like planet; Radar shows no evidence of thick ice at lunar poles; China puts communications satellite into orbit; Europe's first step towards Mars sample return.

Nov. 3-9: Solar storms continue to pummel Earth; Biggest solar X-ray flare ever classified as X28; NASA increases return-to-flight shuttle crew to seven; Budget ax falls on planet finder, Mercury lander; Voyager approaching solar system's outer limits.

Oct. 27-Nov. 2: Russian capsule safely ferries station crew to Earth; Experimental Japanese satellite launched into space; Hope of salvaging ADEOS 2 satellite fades; Megastar-birth cluster is biggest, hottest ever seen; Infrared flares seen from black hole at galactic center.

Oct. 20-26: Sun erupts with intense activity; New station residents arrive at their orbiting home; Earth monitoring satellite goes silent; Five-segment shuttle solid rocket booster test fired.

Oct. 13-19: CHINA ORBITS MAN; New crew launches to International Space Station; Military weather satellite finally escapes grasp of hard luck; India successfully launches remote sensing satellite; CONTOUR mishap board completes investigation.

Oct. 6-12: China on the cusp of its first human spaceflight; Expansion of universe once sluggish, now speeding up; Team picked to build NASA hypersonic vehicles; Cape's next-to-last Titan 4 rocket moved to launch pad.

Sept. 29-Oct. 5: NASA moves shuttle launch date target and formally adds new flight; Communications satellite launched from Pacific Ocean; Saturn-bound spacecraft tests Einstein's theory; SMART 1 fires up its ion engine for first time; Hubble makes mosaic of majestic Sombrero Galaxy.

Sept. 22-28: Galileo spacecraft crashes into Jupiter; Ariane trifecta: Moon probe, two other craft launched; Hubble uncovers Uranus' smallest moons yet seen; NASA completes Orbital Space Plane design review; Sharpest ever color view of Mars captured by Hubble; 'Planet-swallowing' giant star identified.

Sept. 15-21: NASA mission management team gets major revamp; First supernovae seeded universe with stuff of life; Prevailing theory about cosmic explosions opposed; Distant star bursts provide key to the origin of galaxies; Problem shuts down Telstar 4 communications satellite.

Sept. 8-14: Titan 4 rocket launches cargo cloaked in secrecy; Farthest, faintest solar system objects found; The slant on Saturn's rings; Sunlight makes asteroids spin in strange ways; MIT researchers reassess asteroid hazards.

Sept. 1-7: Mysterious 'giant domes' of Europa could be explained; 'Cannonball pulsar' seen flying across space; Hubble assists Europe's Rosetta comet mission; Progress ship leaves station for Russian science mission.

Aug. 25-31: CAIB report blasts NASA for Columbia tragedy; 300th Delta rocket launches new window on Universe; Delta 4 rocket delivers last Air Force DSCS satellite; Cargo vessel safely docks to space station; NASA gives Chandra X-ray Observatory life extension.

Aug. 18-24: Brazilian rocket explodes on pad; New findings could dash hopes for past Mars oceans; Titan 4 rocket launch postponed into September; Distance data solves astrophysical mysteries.

Aug. 11-17: What to do with Hubble? Telescope's future debated; Canada's ozone research project launched into space by Pegasus rocket; Hot spots on Mars give hunt for life new target; Horseshoe nebula flows with 'X-ray champagne'; Galaxy torn apart in dark matter halo.

Aug. 4-10: Shuttle return-to-flight task group outlines plans; Asteroids dedicated to fallen Columbia astronauts; 'Phoenix' lander headed for Martian North Pole; Sea Launch rocket lofts communications satellite; Gravity variations predict earthquake behavior.

July 28-Aug. 3: New maps of Mars water; Columbia board: NASA needs better imaging; Ion engine records nearly five years of firing time; Wind and reflections from supermassive black hole; Troubles strike Landsat 7.

July 21-27: Pentagon strips 7 launches from Boeing Delta 4 rocket; Columbia management team hardly discussed foam strike; Two options emerge for NASA's Orbital Space Plane; Space entrepreneurs seek regulatory relief; Giant gas cloud made of atoms formed in first stars.

July 14-20: Enhanced version of Atlas 5 rocket debuts successfully; Columbia crew module likely survived shuttle breakup; Detailed maps reveal early Universe galaxy distribution; Hubble tracks down a galaxy cluster's dark matter.

July 7-13: Earth's Opportunity rover launched to Mars; Foam impact test blows hole in shuttle wing panel; Detailed failure scenario released by Columbia board; Shuttle team to attempt recovery of Atlas 5 boosters; Farthest and oldest known planet confirmed; Pluto's atmosphere is expanding, researchers say.

June 30-July 6: Foam strike email to shuttle commander released; Shuttle program announces personnel changes; Launch of Mars rover Opportunity delayed; Celestial fireworks; Solar system 'most similar' to our own discovered; Minimal data loss expected from SOHO problem; Rockot booster launches 9 payloads.

June 23-29: Foam 'most probable' cause of Columbia disaster; Columbia board issues tile repair recommendation; Spaceflight Now interviews station's resident crew; SOHO engineers battle to overcome antenna problem; Commercial Earth imager launched into space by Pegasus; Helios prototype solar aircraft lost in mishap.

June 16-22: Space shuttle tile repair options in development; Engineers assess bi-pod redesign options; Lu talks of 'silver lining' from the Columbia tragedy; The secret lives of galaxies unveiled in deep survey; Evidence for meteor in early mass extinction found.

June 9-15: 'Spirit' rover begins seven-month cruise to Mars; Cargo-carrying craft docks to space station; Bolt catcher a possible shuttle return to flight issue; Comets survive plunge through Sun's atmosphere; Ariane 5 launches double cargo with success; Sea Launch rocket lofts second Thuraya spacecraft.

June 2-8: Foam impact cracks wing leading edge panel; Europe's first adventure to Mars successfully launched; Russian Proton rocket flies its 300th launch; Thermal data from Odyssey reveals a changing Mars; 'Razor-sharp image' of star cluster snapped from Earth.

May 26-June 1: Foam impact test causes significant T-seal movement; Demonstration flight not likely for space shuttle; 'Slick Six' launch pad hosts its first Delta 4 rocket; Japanese science cargo returns to Earth for study; Mars rover launch delayed.

May 19-25: Columbia rescue mission feasible, but unlikely; Slag on shuttle debris suggests location of breach; Martian view of Earth; Satellite of Milky Way found in retrograde orbit.

May 12-18: Clearest video yet of foam strike as tests get underway; NASA chief, CAIB chairman testify at Senate hearing; First Greek satellite launch performed by Atlas 5 rocket; Brighter Neptune suggests a change of seasons; NASA picks in-space propulsion innovations.

May 5-11: CAIB accepts, agrees with NASA failure scenario; Japan launches asteroid sample return mission; New shuttle program manager named; Deepest view of space yields young stars in halo; India launches second GSLV rocket.

April 28-May 4: Columbia could not be saved, NASA study shows; Off-target Soyuz with outgoing station crew found after hours of searching; Satellite launched to trace the evolution of galaxies; BeppoSAX takes the plunge; Freewheeling galaxies collide in blaze of star birth; Hubble gyroscope fails.

April 21-27: Space station caretaker crew blasts off on Soyuz; NASA, CAIB investigators compare notes on disaster; Dittemore to leave after accident probe complete; Glowing hot transiting exoplanet discovered; Spectacular photos unveil mysterious nebulae; Titan reveals a surface dominated by icy bedrock.

April 14-20: Columbia board issues preliminary recommendations; Administrator O'Keefe visits Texas search teams; Rocket booster problem delays SIRTF until August; Fix ordered for possible problem on Mars rovers; X-rays found from a lightweight brown dwarf.

April 7-13: No 'privileged' Columbia testimony to be made public; Ariane 5 program resumes flights with a success; Last Milstar successfully soars to orbital perch on Titan 4; Atlas 3 rocket gives Asian satellite ride to orbit; SIRTF launch on hold; Galileo makes discovery during moon encounter; Far-flung supernovae shed light on dark Universe.

March 31-April 6: Gehman calls recorder data a 'treasure trove'; NASA formally announces Expedition 7 station crew; Delta doesn't disappoint in successful GPS launch; Hubble's rainbow image of a dusty star; NASA researchers put new spin on relativity theory.

March 24-30: Plan calls for shuttles to be imaged by spy satellites; Expert says NASA lost sight of safety margin; Japan enters spy satellite arena with rocket launch; Rocket troubles delay pair of ESA research projects; Stunning Hubble images of mysterious erupting star; New class of hot-tempered black holes bucks trends.

March 17-23: Columbia data recorder recovered; could hold key insights; Hearing focuses on debris, breakup mechanics; NASA's Columbia mishap team reorganized; Weighing a black hole at the edge of the universe; Race to gamma ray burst reveals gigantic explosion.

March 10-16: Board studies wing edge, wind shear, foam repair; Debris may strengthen breach scenario; Readdy says 'no rationale' for spy satellite inspection of Columbia; Data shows autopilot on through last transmission; Delta 4 rocket successfully begins military service; Hubble discovers an evaporating planet.

March 3-9: Investigators begin public hearings into accident; Plume may have entered wheel well from within wing; Delta 4's first Air Force launch scrubbed; China reportedly planning lunar exploration; Team pegs brightness of history's brightest star.

Feb. 24-March 2: Video shows Columbia crew unaware of impending disaster; Flight controllers downplay emails about Columbia; Europe pushes ahead with its new Vega rocket; Massive gas cloud around Jupiter revealed; Pioneer 10 sends last signal; Remnants of ancient stars found in Earth's atmosphere.

Feb. 17-23: New data shows Columbia's state in final moments; Crew agrees manned space in 'very serious situation'; Melting snow could be cause of gullies on Mars; Missing mass exists as warm intergalactic fog; Where's the coolest place in the Universe?

Feb. 10-16: Latest on Columbia investigation; Age of universe refined; Goodbye Ariane 4: Finale flight for workhorse rocket; Study shows how water may have flowed on Mars.

Feb. 3-9: Complete coverage of Columbia tragedy; NASA mulls space station launch, crew options; NASA's proposed 2004 budget quietly released.

Jan. 27-Feb. 2: COLUMBIA AND CREW LOST - In a devastating tragedy that took the lives of seven astronauts, the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated in the skies over Texas on Feb. 1 as the ship was heading back to Earth.

Jan. 20-26: Air-launched rocket gives boost to climate research; Shock waves may explain water in meteorites; First Milky Ways found at edge of Universe; NASA announces Educator Astronaut Program; Vandenberg receives first Boeing Delta 4 rocket.

Jan. 13-19: Shuttle Columbia rockets into orbit for science flight; Delta 2 pulls double duty with launch of two satellites; Three new moons found around Neptune; Researchers seek 'heart' of black hole mystery; Stellar cocoons found in harsh environment; Rocket issues keep Rosetta grounded indefinitely.

Jan. 6-12: Farthest known planet discovered; Coriolis launched to track ocean winds, solar storms; ; Nozzle failure doomed Ariane 5 rocket; Biggest zoom lens in space extends Hubble's reach; New lower limit for age of universe claimed.

Dec. 30-Jan. 5: China launches fourth Shenzhou capsule; Russian rocket delivers Canadian satellite in space; Ariane 5 launch failure investigation delays Rosetta; Engine 'destroyed' in Proton mission failure; Volcanoes on Jovian moon spew salt into atmosphere.


Dec. 23-29: Giant X-ray disk sheds light on elliptical galaxies; Integral's first look at the gamma-ray Universe; First elusive 'dark' gamma-ray burst caught; NASA tests future flight vehicle concepts.

Dec. 16-22: Clouds discovered at south pole of Saturn's moon Titan; Workhorse Ariane 4 rocket flies its next to last mission; Titan 2 off till January; Second Delta 4 rocket erected on the launch pad; Young star cluster aglow with mysterious cloud; Six satellite cargos ride Dnepr booster to space.

Dec. 9-15: New Ariane 5 fails; International observatory put into orbit to study Earth; Morgan named to upcoming shuttle mission; Chandra reveals pileup on cosmic speedway; NEAR Shoemaker's silent treatment; Hubble watches galaxies in a destructive dance.

Dec. 2-8: Endeavour shuttles station residents back to Earth; Hubble precisely measures distant planet's true mass; NASA communications relay craft rides Atlas into space; Saturn's moon Titan may hold clues to origin of life; Double bubble in neighboring galaxy.

Nov. 25-Dec. 1: Russian Proton mission fails; Go for a ride on Endeavour; New station crew takes over; Station grows with addition of another truss; Ariane 5 launch aborted.

Nov. 18-24: Boeing's Delta 4 rocket debuts successfully; Endeavour launches to continue building station; Fast-flying black hole yields clues to supernova origin; Two supermassive black holes found in same galaxy.

Nov. 11-17: Boeing delays debut launch of Delta 4 rocket; Endeavour launch delayed by oxygen leak, robot arm accident; Exceptionally bright eruption on Jovian moon Io; New evidence for dark energy in the Universe; Black hole at Milky Way's center is on starvation diet.

Nov. 4-10: A spectacular solar show; Soyuz returns to Earth; Endeavour ready to fly; Mars glows in X-rays; Hubble shows an old star that gave up the ghost; Stunning views of Mt. Etna eruption from space station; Galileo enters safe mode during last science mission; Cargo mounted atop Delta 4 as debut launch nears.

Oct. 28-Nov. 3: Stardust zooms past asteroid Annefrank; Saturn-bound Cassini probe sees its destination; Soyuz taxi crew launches; Red freckles on Europa suggest 'lava lamp' action; Satellite sees 200-mile ash, smoke plume from Mt. Etna; GPS launch on hold after Delta 2 rocket damaged; Kuiper Belt implicated in cosmic rays mystery; Solid-fueled booster a step closer to Atlas 5 use.

Oct. 21-27: Scientists boost tally of moons around Uranus; New way of finding planets; Dark matter reality check; Surfing a black hole; Integral makes its first measurements.

Oct. 14-20: Soldier killed in Soyuz explosion; Delta 4 rocket fires engine on the launch pad; Atlantis returns to Earth; Galaxy merger leaves behind telltale blue arc; European gamma ray observatory launched; Clouds found floating high above Milky Way.

Oct. 7-13: 'Shuttlecam' captures never before seen view of launch; Station backbone grows with new truss segment; Hubble spots an icy world far beyond Pluto; Chaos seen in movement of ring-herding Saturn moons; Titan's bizarre landscape shaped by internal heat?; First planet found orbiting close-in binary star; Global warming on Pluto.

Sept. 30-Oct. 6: Hurricane delays launch of Atlantis; Camera eyes dusty spirals in Milky Way center; Chandra discovers history of black hole X-ray jets; Odd couple widely separated by time, space; Astronomers put quasars in their place; Boeing tests changes to Delta 4 countdown software.

Sept. 23-29: Atlantis to launch outward extension of station truss; Climate model for Earth also describes changes on Mars; Air Force grounds weather satellite launch again; New Russian resupply ship en route to space station; Avoiding the fate of the dinosaurs.

Sept. 16-22: Hubble discovers black holes in unexpected places; Spanish satellite soars aboard Atlas 2AS rocket; 'Runaway universe' may collapse in 10 billion years; Station resident named first 'ISS Science Officer'; Satellite data credited in earthquake breakthrough; Secrets of the Crab revealed.

Sept. 9-15: Japanese H-2A rocket launches successfully; Sneak peek at 'shuttlecam'; NASA selects TRW to build Hubble successor; Research reveals new Kuiper Belt satellite mystery; Indian weather satellite launched into space; Atlantis journeys to the pad for station mission; Newly found object could be old Apollo rocket stage.

Sept. 2-8: First launch of Boeing's Delta 4 rocket delayed; Hubble sees wheel within a wheel; Intelsat satellite rockets to orbit atop Ariane 4; Anicent impact debris sparked global wildfires; Chemist dates first objects to form in the solar system.

Aug. 26-Sept. 1: Lance Bass defends space station visit; Ariane 5 flies successful mission for Europe; Delta 4 rocket put through countdown rehearsal; Sun's twisted mysteries; Station spacewalk.

Aug. 19-25: Next-generation Atlas 5 sailed 'perfect' first voyage; Russian Proton rocket puts U.S. TV satellite in space; Scientists find wind blows in Titan's organic haze; A Martian dust devil making a streak, climbing a wall.

Aug. 12-18: Preview of Atlas 5 debut; CONTOUR comet probe lost during motor firing; Exploding galaxy found at edge of the Universe; Station spacewalk.

Aug. 5-11: Russian launches to station delayed; Satellite cargo and Atlas 5 rocket joined together; 25th anniversary of first space shuttle landing test; A portrait of one hundred thousand and one galaxies; Stardust spacecraft reaches for cosmic dust.

July 29-Aug. 4: Shuttle repair approved; Search for ancient Martian life continues; Astronomers feast on an interstellar hamburger; Delta 4 rocket undergoes first cryogenic tanking test; Giant black holes in collision.

July 22-28: Backup crew member assigned to Expedition Six; Atlas 5 launch delayed by satellite issue; Wiring review delays Delta 2 launch for Air Force; Senate committee approves funding for Pluto mission; Planetary survey supported.

July 15-21: NASA mulls space shuttle launch options; Atlas 5 rocket passes final countdown demonstration; Fueling, countdown tests ahead for first Delta 4; Making space travel simpler with interplanetary highway.

July 8-14: Space shuttle flights off until at least September; Planetary Society hopes to launch solar sail this year; Sharp maps released from shuttle mission; Boeing pushes back target date for first Delta 4 launch; 'Quiet' star wasn't quiet after all.

July 1-7: CONTOUR launched to see fossils of planet formation; Colorful fireworks finale caps a star's life; Ariane 5 rocket successfully lofts two spacecraft; Legacy of Mars Pathfinder; Earth observing technology satellite proves a success.

June 24-30: Titan 2 rocket launches polar-orbiting weather eye; Cracks ground shuttle; Supply ship docks to the International Space Station; Tests delay debut of Atlas 5 rocket by a week; Military weather satellite repaired for October liftoff; Light observed fighting to escape black hole's pull.

June 17-23: Shuttle Endeavour returns station crew to Earth; Evidence found of lake, catastrophic flood on Mars; Astronomers discover another extrasolar Jupiter; Eurockot successfully launches Iridium satellites; Proton launch of EchoStar 8 scrubbed.

June 5-16: Endeavour flies to station to exchange crews; One of station's stabilizing gyros suffers failure; Astronomers discover a solar system like ours; Sea Launch resumes flights after year-long lull; Replacement for infamous satellite rockets into space; Hubble's infrared camera brought back to life.

May 13-19: Eleven more moons found orbiting Jupiter; 'Flying saucer' dusty disk found around young star; Hypervelocity winds rage in the Sun's atmosphere; Tropical greenhouse effect provides insight to Venus.

May 6-12: Gaseous streamers flutter in stellar breeze; NASA chooses two concepts for planet-finder mission; DirecTV-5 broadcasting satellite launched by Proton; NASA satellite sees swath of tornado destruction.

April 29-May 5: New environmental eye on Earth launched into space; Space tourist, crewmates return to Earth in Soyuz; Delta 4 rocket takes its place on the launch pad; New Hubble camera shows panoramic view of universe; Ariane 4 launches Spot 5.

April 22-28: Hubble reads age of the universe; Tourist launched aboard replacement station lifeboat; When worlds collide: Chandra sees titanic merger; Are black holes not really holes at all?; Evidence for young planets found in dusty orbits.

April 15-21: Completion of Atlantis' mission; Hubble hunts down objects at fringe of solar system; Ariane rocket launches on its 150th flight; GPS launch delayed.

April 8-14: Atlantis launches to space station and installs new truss; NASA relaunches teacher-in-space program; Evidence suggests a new form of matter; Astronomers detect stellar ashes at the dawn of time.

April 1-7: Hydrogen leak scrubs launch of shuttle Atlantis; Deep Space 1 finds Comet Borrelly has hot, dry surface; Hubble resumes scientific work after servicing; Chinese unmanned space capsule returns to Earth.

March 25-31: China's third Shenzhou launches; Intelsat 903 spacecraft launched by Proton booster; Ariane 4 launches a pair of commercial satellites; Project cleared to build Mercury orbiter; Chandra discovers black holes in distant quasars.

March 18-24: Atlas 5 rocket passes crucial first launch pad test; New evidence: expansion of universe is accelerating; Bright new comet graces evening sky; New NASA communications satellite in trouble.

March 11-17: Columbia returns from Hubble service call; Atlas 5 rocket tests; Researchers: Mars' features not eroded by water; Mars Odyssey's radiation experiment revived; Gravity mapping satellites.

March 4-10: Spacewalks repair and refurbish Hubble; Atlas 2A launches NASA's Tracking and Data Relay Satellite; Report raises concerns about NASA safety; Color of universe corrected by astronomers.

Feb. 25-March 3: Shuttle Columbia launched on Hubble service call; Mars Odyssey detects evidence of water ice; Ariane 5 launches massive environmental satellite; First space shuttle launch director passes away.

Feb. 18-24: Lockheed Martin Atlas 3B rocket has successful debut; Team plots a faster path to Pluto for robotic probe; Odyssey begins mapping Mars; Wiring mistake doomed launch of Japanese craft; Ariane 4 rocket launch.

Feb. 11-17: Delta 2 rocket launches quintet of Iridium satellites; Cassini studies ripples in the fabric of space and time; Global Surveyor sees changes of Martian ice cap; Weather satellite removed from rocket for repairs.

Feb. 4-10: HESSI solar explorer finally launched by Pegasus rocket; NASA emphasizes basics in 2003 budget proposal; Reentry satellite lost during launch of H-2A rocket; Tides of Jovian moon Europa might support life.

Jan. 28-Feb. 3: Updates on new Boeing Delta 4 and Lockheed Martin Atlas 5 rockets; Dennis Tito cautious about space tourism future; Impressive new images released of Saturn and Io.

Jan. 21-27: Extraordinary new image of famous Horsehead Nebula; Ariane overcomes computer abort, lofts Indian satellite; U.S. topography data from shuttle mission unveiled.

Jan. 14-20: Discoveries raise hopes, questions about life on Mars; Milstar satellite launched by Titan 4 in first space shot of 2002; Trouble sends Galileo into hibernation during Io flyby.

Jan. 7-13: First steps in terrestrial planet formation observed?; Planet around the star Vega suggested in dust swirl; Mars Odyssey completes aerobraking.


Dec. 31-Jan. 6: Moon of Uranus is demoted; Hubble snaps stunning view of globules in space; Sun erupts; New images of 'Pillars of Creation' in Eagle Nebula.

Dec. 24-30: Disk resembling asteroid belt found around star; All-terrain rovers may one day scale Mars' cliffs; History Flashback: Space shuttle mission STS-51A.

Dec. 17-23: Endeavour shuttles station crew back to Earth; NASA says farewell to Deep Space 1 probe; New missions to asteroids, search for Earth-like planets; Industry team to design air-breathing rocket engine.

Dec. 10-16: Shuttle mission coverage; X-38 completes highest, fastest, longest test flight; Io generates power and noise, but no magnetic field; Zenit 2 rocket launch.

Dec. 3-9: Spacewalkers clear debris, cargo ship latched to station; Endeavour launches to Alpha; New crew moves aboard station; Two science satellites launched by 100th Delta 2; First image of dark matter object; Possible climate change on Mars.

Nov. 26-Dec. 2: Supply ship fails to firmly dock to station; Endeavour launch delayed; Planet orbiting nearby star found to have atmosphere; Ocean inside Jupiter moon may have cushioned impact; NASA picks Pluto mission for further study; Ariane 4 rocket launches DirecTV satellite.

Nov. 19-25: Evidence of Martian life dealt critical blow; Mars Global Surveyor snaps its 100,000th image; Two satellites transmit data using laser light.

Nov. 12-18: NASA administrator replacement found; Genesis spacecraft performs crucial maneuver; Mars Odyssey takes first visible picture; Meet Europe's gigantic Environment Satellite.

Nov. 5-11: Impact craters give clues about Europa's ice crust; Taurus failure update; Four shuttle astronauts enter Hall of Fame; Sky survey lowers estimate of asteroid impact risk.

Oct. 29-Nov. 4: Commission report blasts space station management; Mars Odyssey snaps first picture of the Red Planet; Hubble reveals ultraviolet galactic ring; Endeavour rolled to pad under cloak of secrecy; Old Soyuz craft undocks from Alpha, lands on Earth.

Oct. 22-28: Odyssey enters Martian orbit; Replacement Soyuz capsule docks to space station; Leaky engine seals delay weather satellite launch; ISO finds 30 'failed stars' in nearby stellar nursery; SOHO sees solar eruptions and comet collision; India launches satellite trio aboard one PSLV rocket.

Oct. 15-21: NASA Administrator Goldin to leave space agency; Commercial Earth-imager rockets into space on Delta; Extrasolar planet 'cousins'; Galileo makes closest flyby of Jovian moon Io; Spacewalkers mount experiments outside Alpha.

Oct. 8-14: Spacecraft track massive dust storm on Mars; Atlas 2AS rocket propels top-secret cargo into orbit; Spacewalk outfits space station Alpha's new module; Andromeda's black hole not as cool as believed.

Oct. 1-7: Titan 4 launches U.S. national security satellite; Galileo sees and sniffs tallest volcanic plume; Must see picture of 'perfect' spiral galaxy; MAP ready to measure afterglow from the Big Bang.

Sept. 24-30: Deep Space 1 returns stunning images of comet; Athena rocket successfully launches from Alaska; Asteroid Eros' rocky surface the result of one impact; Ariane 4 lofts satellite to cover both sides of Atlantic.

Sept. 17-23: Taurus rocket fails to achieve Earth orbit; Deep Space 1 survives close encounter with comet; Ancient black hole speeds through the neighborhood.

Sept. 10-16: Space views of attack on America; Russia launches new docking module for Alpha; Icy veil around the Eagle's fiery heart is unmasked.

Sept. 3-9: MirCorp announces plans for private space station; Clandestine cargo carried into space by Atlas rocket; Hubble shows a galaxy blazing with star formation; Satellite spies on 'Survivor 3' TV show filming in Africa.

Aug. 27-Sept. 2: Japan's H-2A rocket launches on maiden flight; Boeing's Delta 4 test rocket rolled to Cape launch pad; Ariane 4 successfully launches Intelsat craft.

Aug. 20-26: Expedition Two astronauts shuttled back to Earth; Galileo's flyby reveals Callisto's bizarre landscape; New object dethrones Ceres as largest minor planet; Hubble finds the Rotten Egg Nebula in shock.

Aug. 13-19: Changing of the guard aboard Alpha; Spacewalkers lay backup cables for future assembly; Star formation burst drives bubble in galaxy's core; Extrasolar planet discovered in the Big Dipper.

Aug. 6-12: Discovery launches with next Alpha resident crew; Genesis launched to retrieve bits of our origins; Titan 4B launches with missile warning satellite.

July 30-Aug. 5: Technical concern, bad weather delays Genesis; Scientists find largest flood channels in the solar system; Satellite takes photos of Mt. Etna eruption.

July 23-29: Signature of life on Mars found in decades-old data; Atlantis returns home after delivering station airlock; Atlas rocket launches U.S. weather satellite.

July 16-22: Spacewalkers christen station's Quest airlock; Does the Red Planet have liquid water today?; Solar sail experiment lost due to launcher problem; Star clusters born in cosmic collision wreckage.

July 9-15: Ariane 5 rocket fails; Atlantis launches doorway for space station Alpha; Security breach forces tighter shuttle protection; Scientists: Water-bearing worlds beyond solar system.

July 2-8: Hubble captures best view of Mars obtained from Earth; Astronomers discover giant Kuiper Belt object; NASA, Boeing dispute major TDRS problem.

June 25-July 1: MAP launched to measure afterglow of the Big Bang; Hints of planet-sized drifters bewilder scientists; Satellite images tell tale of Wisconsin tornado.

June 18-24: Atlas launches foundation of ICO satellite system; Temperature map of Io presents a puzzle; Pegasus launch of HESSI postponed indefinitely; Atlantis rolled to launch pad; Grounded military weather satellite finally repaired.

June 11-17: Robot arm bumps into station, but passes key test; Evidence found for recent shallow ground ice on Mars; Jupiter's aurorae, volcanic eruptions on Io revealed; Proton adds new craft to ASTRA satellite system.

June 4-10: Search begins for cause of X-43A launch malfunction; Shuttle launch delayed amid station arm mystery; Saturn's changing seasons; Ariane 4 rocket launches new era for Intelsat.

May 28-June 3: NASA's X-43A craft destroyed in launch failure; Atlantis delayed to July in wake of station arm trouble; Boeing's Delta 4 testing rocket arrives in Florida; Hubble telescope unveils a galaxy in living color.

May 21-27: Galileo probe makes closest flyby of a Jovian moon; Rain-soaked tiles delay next shuttle launch; NASA astronaut dies after being injured in plane crash; Freighter brings cargo to international space station.

May 14-20: Delta 2 lofts spy satellite technology demonstrator; Proton launches PAS-10; Comet LINEAR splits further; NASA dishes out first Space Launch Initiative contracts; What is Saturn's moon Titan really made of?

May 7-13: Harsh destiny of a planet revealed; Heart of Boeing's Delta 4 rocket put to the test; Sea Launch rocket lofts second XM radio satellite; Pentagon announces military space reforms.

April 30-May 6: Space vacation ends for Tito with Soyuz ride home; Endeavour departs station and lands safely; Big Bang evidence found; Pioneer 10 probe lives on; Odds of planet formation in Orion Nebula reduced.

April 23-29: Tito's tourist trip blasts off; Serious computer problem strikes space station; Robot arm attached to station by shuttle crew; Hubble makes popular observation for its birthday; Mars Odyssey takes snapshot of Earth.

April 16-22: Endeavour launches with Canadarm2 for station; New Indian rocket makes inaugural flight; Climate change linked to anomaly in Earth's orbit; What medieval witnesses saw was not lunar impact.

April 9-15: A virtual Columbia on its 20th anniversary; NASA's proposed '02 budget; Accident delays solar sail launch; Odyssey's launch put spacecraft on good course; Sun takes another solar shot.

April 2-8: 2001 Mars Odyssey successfully launched; Eleven new extrasolar planets discovered; Hubble reveals heart of Whirlpool Galaxy; New evidence offered for planets without parent stars; Russian Proton M rocket debuts.

March 26-April 1: A new Martian odyssey is about to begin; Alpha crew promises warm welcome for Tito; Iridium system completes its miracle resurrection; NASA and military continue search for Mars lander; Largest sunspot in 10 years blazes away; Two space probes see giant plumes on Io.

March 19-25: Mir dives into Pacific safely; NASA blocks Dennis Tito training; Discovery departs space station; Station pioneers back on Earth after historic voyage; First XM radio satellite launched; Blinking star explains mystery aboard Galileo.

March 12-18: Exchange of space station crew completed; Galileo gets final reprieve before crash into Jupiter; Volcanoes on Jovian moon Io try erasing their age; Volcanoes may have played role in Martian life; Deep X-rays show universe teeming with black holes.

March 5-11: Discovery launches to space station for crew exchange; Supermassive black hole found in nearby galaxy; Checking on an old and active cometary friend; Russia offers module, extra Soyuz capsule to partners; First Ariane 5 rocket of 2001.

Feb. 26-March 4: Titan 4 rocket launches Milstar; NASA kills X-33 and X-34; NEAR Shoemaker phones home for the last time; Jupiter's largest moon may be a wet, slushy place; Pluto mission clings to life; Volcanic Io erupts.

Feb. 19-25: Atlantis landing diverted to California; NEAR gets another extension; Students uncover baffling Martian boulders; Mir turns 15 years old; Asteroid or comet blamed for mass extinction.

Feb. 12-18: NEAR probe survives historic landing on asteroid Eros; Atlantis departs station after flawless lab delivery; More new Mars pictures; Launches of XM radio satellites shuffled.

Feb. 5-11: Space station meets its 'Destiny' as shuttle delivers lab; Several new Mars pictures; X-33 engines pass test; Europe's Ariane 4 carries out military mission.

Jan. 29-Feb. 4: Ant-like space structure previews death of our Sun; Boeing Delta 2 rocket lofts another GPS satellite; Mars Global Surveyor completes prime mission; What's that? Probe sees strange surfaces on Mars; EUVE shut down; Pin-pointing black holes in distant galaxies.

Jan. 22-28: World's largest human gathering seen from space; Deorbiting tug arrives at space station Mir; Titan 2 and weather satellite grounded; Cassini sees Jovian lightning storms, moons; New shuttle launch schedule; Challenger 15th anniversary.

Jan. 15-21: Must see new views of Orion Nebula; Nuclear engine promises to slash travel times to Mars; Shuttle Atlantis, Titan 2 and Soyuz rocket launches delayed; Ice may have formed Martian channels; Cassini probe fails to find lightning on Venus.

Jan. 8-14: Bizarre new planets puzzle astronomers; Hubble finally may have proof black holes do exist; Chinese capsule launched on second unmanned test; More moons found around Jupiter; Report: U.S. needs stronger defense role in space; Sea Launch aborts liftoff; Ariane 4 success.

Jan. 1-7: Hubble: X marks the spot of star formation glow; Planets orbiting other stars could be more plentiful; NASA mulls options for future low-cost explorer; Black holes in distant galaxies measured; Atlantis rolled to launch pad.


Dec. 25-31: Cassini and Galileo space probes double-team Jupiter; Brief loss of contact raises fears about Mir; Surprise switch for Mir emergency crew; Cargo ship redocks to international space station; Contact restored with new amateur radio satellite; Six Russian satellites lost as rocket fails; Out-of-this-world holiday greetings from ISS crew.

Dec. 18-24: Problem hits Cassini's pointing system; NASA revives Pluto mission; Landing site selected for Beagle 2 mission to Mars; Booster repairs delay next shuttle launch; Ariane 5 hoists cargos for Europe, U.S. and Japan; Europe will build new Vega rocket.

Dec. 11-17: Ocean believed hidden on Jupiter's moon Ganymede; Shuttle returns to Earth; China pledges development of manned space program; New report offers evidence of primitive life on Mars; More pictures from Cassini of Jovian system.

Dec. 4-10: Astronauts spread solar wings of international space station; Evidence of ancient Martian lakes, shallow seas found; Four more moons discovered orbiting Saturn; U.S. military buys airtime on Iridium; Atlas rocket launches classified cargo.

Nov. 27-Dec. 3: Shuttle Endeavour launches to space station rendezvous; XMM-Newton spacecraft finds most distant quasar; Sirius 3 radio satellite launched; Hubble spies extraordinary and powerful active galaxy; Frosty craters of Mars.

Nov. 20-26: Jupiter: the movie; Delta launches three satellites; Launch failure for QuickBird 1; Daring high wire act to mount space station arrays; China lifts veil on its secret space program; U.S. Galaxy 7 TV satellite lost.

Nov. 13-19: Cosmonaut docks cargo ship in dramatic fashion; Russia decides to dump Mir; Iridium system saved; Hot stars of Orion cluster uncovered in the making; Ariane 5 launch.

Nov. 6-12: Solar storm warning for ISS; Delta 2 launches GPS 2R-6; Solar system family portrait; Cassini watches Jupiter; Chandra telescope catches a galactic football

Oct. 30-Nov. 5: First residents arrive at international space station; Sulfur-rich 'snow' found on Io; Research could pave way for discovery of life on Mars; Hubble gives a bird's eye view of galaxy collision.

Oct. 23-29: Discovery lands in California; Four new moons found orbiting Saturn; Strange shapes on the sizzling world of volcanic Io; Revealing Neptune's icy atmosphere, Uranus' rings; 100th Ariane 4 launch.

Oct. 16-22: Space station construction mission successful; Gigantic gamma-ray burst breaks all distance records; New light shed on Milky Way's elusive center; Atlas, Proton and Sea Launch rocket missions.

Oct. 9-15: Astronauts lend hand building space station; Dust disk found around a nearby star and planet; Hubble finds a tantalizing veil from exploded star; Pegasus rocket launches NASA science probe.

Oct. 2-8: Lonely giant planets seen 1,000 light years away; 100th shuttle launch delayed; Data relay glitch threatens mission to Saturn moon; Future of Mir uncertain; Proton and Ariane 4 launches.

Sept. 25-Oct. 1: First images from new observatories; Fountains of fire on the Sun; Top 10 images from commercial eye-in-the-sky; Agreement on new X-33 plan.

Sept. 18-24: Hubble movies; Atlantis lands safely; Global weather satellite launched; Mystery of asteroid Eros; X-ray telescope to provide virtual journey to black hole.

Sept. 11-17: Astronauts delivery supplies to space station; Chandra clinches case for new type of black hole; Hubble finds possible crater of fresh ice on space rock; Star-making factory; Inside cauldron of exploded star; Ariane 5 launch.

Sept. 4-10: Atlantis launches and docks to space station; Major Martian volcanoes surveyed by laser; Hubble reveals mysterious layers of planetary nebula and dusty galaxy; Proton and Ariane 4 launches.

Aug. 28-Sept. 3: Appearance of stellar object deceives astronomers; Hubble finds stellar cocoon soon to hatch butterfly; Shuttle mission preview; SOHO finds 200th 'sungrazing' comet; Rocketcam video.

Aug. 21-27: Boeing Delta 3 rocket launches on demonstration flight; Possible water world under Europa's icy crust; Little black hole works overtime; Hubble gets head count of brown dwarf stars; Chandra turns 1.

Aug. 14-20: Titan 4 rocket launches spy satellite; New evidence shows galaxies formed early; Superbubbles bespeak toil and trouble in space; Arianespace resumes flights.

Aug. 7-13: More extra-solar planets found; Comet LINEAR's 'shower' observed; NASA to send twin rovers to Mars in 2003; Cargo freighter docks to ISS; Cluster 2 quartet complete; Saturn's moon Titan.

July 31-Aug. 6: Film yields amazing views of first Atlas 3 rocket launch; A dying star seen by Hubble; Mars launch in 2014 would offer safety for astronauts; Comet LINEAR not quite gone.

July 24-30: Comet LINEAR blown apart; NASA plans rover to Mars in 2003; Sea Launch successfully returns to flight; Zvezda docks to space station; 10 billion billion billion megaton bomb in space.

July 17-23: New moon of Jupiter found; Minotaur launches Mightysat 2.1; Experiment helps explain levitating moon dust; Outlandish plan to upgrade Hubble; Two manned missions to Mir planned for 2001.

July 10-16: Zvezda service module launched to ISS; Hubble watches star tear apart its neighborhood; Atlas launches EchoStar 6; ESA deploys first pair of Cluster observatories; Delta lofts GPS.

July 3-9: A cosmic searchlight beckons to Hubble's eyes; Proton rocket cleared for Zvezda; Scientists debate where to crash Galileo space probe; Deep Space 1 probe gets new lease on life.

June 26-July 2: Mars could harbor much more water than thought; Digital radio satellite launched; Atlas lofts TDRS-H for NASA; Hubble uncovers details in gamma-ray burst galaxy; Cosmos-3M launch.

June 19-25: NASA finds evidence of liquid water on Mars; Salty meteorite says Mars had Earth-like oceans; First 'space tourist' goes public; ESO finds 8 new exoplanets; Proton launch.

June 12-18: First space tourist announced; Delta 3 rocket to make demonstration flight; Russian cosmonauts depart Mir; Sugar discovered in space.

June 5-11: Extensive black hole news; Pegasus launches TSX-5; NEAR instrument shut down; Clues to origin of Hale-Bopp; Rocketcams.

May 29-June 4: Compton Gamma Ray Observatory reenters; Atlantis lands; Jupiter's moon Io covered with volcanoes galore; Hubble peers into the heart of the Crab Nebula.

May 22-28: Atlas 3A rocket makes successful debut; Atlantis astronauts repair ISS; Chandra sees 1 million mph winds from black hole; 20,000 images added to Mars album.

May 15-21: Shuttle Atlantis launches to space station; Maiden Atlas 3A rocket delayed; Galileo sees volcanic displays on Io; Chandra provides evidence for vigorous starbursts.

May 8-14: Titan 4 rocket launches DSP missile-warning craft; Delta 2 rocket lofts GPS satellite; Hubble sees galactic silhouettes; Chandra witnesses birth of supernova.

May 1-7: Atlas rocket launches GOES-L weather satellite; Hubble finds much of universe's lost hydrogen; Mystery deepens around Martian organic matter; Io's volcanoes splatter dust into the solar system.

April 18-30: Atlantis launch delayed to May 18; Seasonal changes on Mars seen; First detailed images of early universe revealed; Galileo nets best images of Jupiter's inner moons; NEAR moves closer.

April 17-23: Galileo returns amazing images of Jovian moons; Giant magnetic bubble discovered in nearby galaxy; Atlantis countdown begins; Ariane and Proton launches of satellites.

April 10-16: Most distant object detected in Universe; Space, ground telescopes take image of exploded star; Atlantis repaired at launch pad; New Mars images; Cassini clears asteroid belt.

April 3-9: Russia's space station Mir reopened; Hydraulic problem found on Atlantis; Ulysses space probe makes trip into comet tail; Chandra discovers possible hidden black hole; Gravity Probe-B experiences more hiccups.

March 27-April 2: Sweeping changes ordered after Mars failures; Extrasolar planets smaller than Saturn found; Software glitch doomed Sea Launch; X-38 makes longest test flight; Atlas 3 and Atlantis launches delayed.

March 20-26: Delta 2 launches NASA's IMAGE spacecraft; Gamma Ray Observatory to be deorbited; Ariane 5 launches two satellites; Landing gear probe could have doomed Mars probe; Soyuz tests Fregat upper stage.

March 13-19: Sea Launch failure blamed on second stage; Iridium ends service; 'Rocketcam' sees Globalstar satellites flying in space; Atlantis launch delayed; New prediction of asteroid's damage from Earth strike.

March 6-12: Sea Launch mission for ICO fails; Taurus launches MTI satellite; Looking inside Mars; Hubble surveys dying stars; More views of Eros; Atlantis antenna damaged.

Feb. 28-March 5: Boeing looks at air-launched rocket; New Boeing and Lockheed Martin launch pads; Images released from Chandra, Hubble, Mars Global Surveyor and NEAR.

Feb. 21-27: Safety of Pacific Island grounds U.S. rocket launch; Shuttle Endeavour comes home; Galileo completes encounter with Io; NEAR moves closer to Eros.

Feb. 14-20: NEAR enters orbit around asteroid Eros; Mir leased commercially; Endeavour radar mapping mission continues; Ariane 4 rocket launches Japanese TV satellite.

Feb. 7-13: Shuttle Endeavour launches on radar mission; Astro-E X-ray observatory lost in Japanese launch failure; Proton rocket returns; Delta completes Globalstar constellation.

Jan. 31-Feb. 6: Endeavour launch delayed by hardware and weather problems; International search underway for possible Mars lander signals; Atlas rocket launches Spanish satellite; Progress cargo ship sent to Mir.

Jan. 24-30: Ariane 4 rocket lifts Galaxy 10R; Endeavour prepped for launch; whisper may have came from Mars lander; OSP Minotaur rocket launches; inflatable reentry capsule to be tested; Proton to resume flights.

Jan. 17-23: First Atlas rocket of 2000 launches; NASA's HETE 2 satellite grounded for more testing; NASA ends efforts to contact Mars lander; SLC-3 West pad demolished at Vandenberg.

Jan. 10-16: Boeing to acquire Hughes satellite business; OSP Minotaur countdown aborted; DSP not damaged; Chandra science results.

Jan. 3-9: Proton rocket failure report released; U.S. Air Force DSP satellite checked for possible damage; Galileo probe eyes five Jovian moons in two days.


Dec. 27-Jan. 2: Shuttle Discovery lands safely; review of 1999's top space stories and predictions for 2000; NASA survives Y2K computer bug.

Dec. 20-26: Discovery's astronauts successfully repair Hubble; Ariane 4 launches Galaxy 11; Taurus carries Kompsat and Acrimsat satellites into orbit; X-33 aerospike engine fired; Mars Global Surveyor looks for Polar Lander.

Dec. 13-19: Shuttle Discovery finally launched on Hubble servicing mission; NASA's Terra environmental satellite launched on Atlas rocket.

Dec. 6-12: More shuttle delays; Ariane 5 launches ESA's XMM telescope; U.S. Air Force Titan 2 deploys DMSP weather satellite; Mars Polar Lander assumed lost.

Dec. 1-5: Mars Polar Lander arrives at Red Planet but communciations with Earth never occur; Ariane 40 rocket launches Helios 1B; Pegasus rocket deploys seven ORBCOMM satellites; Discovery's mission to Hubble in limbo.
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