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    Three small satellites launched from Russia's Plesetsk Cosmdorome into a 930-mile-high orbit Tuesday, flying into space aboard a Rockot launcher to relay emails, technical data and other messages between remote users.
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    The launch of SpaceX's next resupply run to the International Space Station has been rescheduled for April 13, officials said Tuesday.
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    Here's a look by the numbers of the previous Delta 4 flight history and the remaining flights of the rocket named Delta.
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    China launched a new spacecraft into orbit Monday begin growing the country's Beidou navigation system into a global service alongside satellite constellations from the United States, Russia and Europe.
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    Astronaut Scott Kelly, settling in aboard the International Space Station for a marathon 342-day stay in orbit, said Monday he is looking forward to serving as a test subject for medical research on the long-duration effects of weightlessness, data he said would help pave the way for eventual flights to Mars.
    With its new homeport in renovated NASA space shuttle hangars off in the distance, the Air Force's X-37 mini spaceplane will be launched from Cape Canaveral on May 6 for its fourth journey into orbit.
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    Two satellites for Europe's Galileo navigation network lifted off at sunset Friday aboard a Soyuz rocket from a tropical launch pad at the edge of South America's Amazon rainforest. Look back at the picturesque liftoff with a video replay and launch photos.
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    A three-man crew donned pressure suits, strapped into a Russian Soyuz space capsule and rode a rocket into orbit Friday, starting a record-setting expedition on the International Space Station that -- for two of the crew members -- will last for 342 days.
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    India's indigenous space-based navigation network received its fourth satellite after a successful liftoff Saturday aboard a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.
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    A Soyuz rocket soared into orbit after firing off a launch pad in the Amazon jungle Friday, deploying two satellites nearly 15,000 miles above Earth to expand Europe's Galileo system helping locate automobiles, airliners, and millions of other users around the world.