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New Horizons back in business after weekend scare

Fully recovered from a computer hiccup that disrupted science observations this weekend, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will resume imaging of Pluto on Tuesday, a week before the plutonium-powered probe zooms less than 7,800 miles from the unexplored dwarf planet at the frontier of the solar system.

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  • Transfert of Ariane 5 ECA V188 when the launcher arrive in ZL-3
    An Ariane 5 rocket launch with a Brazilian television broadcasting satellite and a European weather observatory has been rescheduled for July 15 after technicians double-checked one of the spacecraft for oil contamination.
  • 3190955419
    Russia’s Progress M-28M supply ship blasted off from the steppes of Kazakhstan on Friday, launching on a two-day trip to the International Space Station with critical supplies, fuel and fresh food displayed by station astronaut Scott Kelly.
  • av_gpsiif7_e3729201421312AM63
    Joining the payload with its ride to space, United Launch Alliance crews today placed the next Global Positioning System satellite atop an Atlas 5 rocket for blastoff July 15.
  • prog60p_docking_feature
    A Russian Progress cargo ship glided to a smooth docking with the International Space Station early Sunday, bringing more than 3 tons of supplies and equipment to the lab complex.
  • 108417main_image_feature_267_ajhfull
    NASA's New Horizons space probe, 10 days from a one-shot encounter with enigmatic Pluto, stopped collecting science data Saturday after a technical problem interrupted the spacecraft's tightly-choreographed flight plan.
  • CI9uUrFUwAAOnUA.png-large
    Recovering from an April failure, Russia successfully launched a Progress cargo ship early Friday loaded with more than three tons of supplies and equipment needed to replenish stockpiles aboard the International Space Station.
  • NewHorizonsPlutoSurface copy
    After an exhaustive search for heretofore unseen rings, small moons or other space debris, senior managers have concluded that NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, hurtling toward a July 14 flyby of Pluto at more than 30,000 mph, can safely stay on its current course without undue fears of a mission-ending impact.
  • 17300691546_a99eb71382_k
    Sunday's Falcon 9 rocket failure may have blemished SpaceX's success record, but the mishap will not keep the entrepreneurial space company from competing for U.S. military launch contracts with rival United Launch Alliance, according to an Air Force general.
  • nh-7-1-15_pluto_charon_color_hemispheres_unannotated_jhuapl_nasa_swri-no-boxes-3_1
    The first well-resolved color photos of Pluto from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, speeding toward a close-up encounter July 14, show a world blotched with dark features spanning two very different sides of the dwarf planet.
  • The Falcon 9 rocket blasts off from Cape Canaveral on Sunday, minutes before disintegrating in the stratosphere. Credit: NASA/Charles Babir
    Although recovery teams in the Atlantic Ocean have retrieved wreckage from Sunday's Falcon 9 launch failure, the best clues to the cause of the crash lie in raw data transmitted from the rocket as it disintegrated, SpaceX officials said Wednesday.